About Us

CyberMath Academy offers after-school courses and camps in Math, Coding and SAT Preparation for students in grades K-12. Most of these courses aim to provide a foundation for  students in Math and Computer Science, which will be essential for their future success no matter what career they chose.

CyberMath Academy differs from most of the other learning centers and tutoring companies who are primarily concerned with answering the students’ immediate questions and helping with daily school homework and not concerned with providing the students with basic problem-solving skills for future applications. This system seeks to provide the students with a solid foundation and skills necessary to develop Math and Mathematical applications.

CyberMath’s coordinators and instructors have outstanding resumes, with achievements at national and international competitions and many years in coaching and preparing students for success at these highly prestigious competitions.

Our Coordinators and Instructors

We are a group of passionate individuals who are comprised of:

  • Experienced former and current public school educators (Each with at least 10 years of teaching and administrative experience working with diverse student groups including gifted and high-performing students)
  • Faculty members and graduate students at top universities
  • Accomplished higher education students who scored outstanding achievements in their secondary education
  • Top notch engineers with experience at top High Tech companies, who participated in these competitions themselves during their secondary education or trained students.

Andy O. Gokce (Founder)

Andy has been working with high performing students in California for over 15 years and saw many of his students continue their education at top colleges such as Harvard and MIT. You can contact him at ogokce@cybermath.academy

Please visit our Faculty page to see our awesome faculty and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions/concerns.